• Westcoast Animations will provide a 100% refund:
    • If the project has not been initiated within 5 days of purchase; however, this policy will be voided at any point in time, inconsiderate of the situation.
    • If the initial concept has been shared and a refund request is made, the refund will be prorated (less the processing fee and production cost incurred).
    • Refund will be void if:
      • Any request is made for revisions in design, it will be considered a continuation of the project, and a refund will not be considered.
      • The client has been unresponsive for more than 5 days.
      • The client availed of a discounted or promotional offer.
      • The project has to be completed urgently.
      • The client filed a dispute.
      • The project is outsourced by a third party.
      • Issues unrelated to the company and project.
      • Disagreement with their business partner, change of mind, or hiring another company for the same project.
  • References: Videos, animations, illustrations, links, etc., should be shared and agreed upon at the time of signup or the beginning of the project, along with other details.
  • Refund Usage: If the client has received a refund, they will not be entitled to use any concept or design shared with the client; if found to be in use by the client under any circumstances, the client will be dealt with legally.
  • Duplicate Payments: Duplicate payments will be 100% refunded without any delays.
  • Duration: A week will be considered 7 business days, except for Saturday and Sunday or any public holiday.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: The satisfaction guarantee applies in terms of communication and updates provided by the project manager to the client promptly.
  • Additional Payment: The client will pay an additional amount if the scope of work changes during the process.
  • Additional Charges: The client will pay additional if the agreed duration exceeds.
  • Scope Changes: The client will pay additional if the references shared later are different from the original scope of work.
  • Project Timeline: The project timeline may vary if the client asks for changes or revisions.
  • Refund Processing: Refunds or partial refunds will be processed within 7–10 business days, if applicable.
  • Void Refunds: Refunds or partial refunds will be void if the client files or claims a dispute during the processing time of 7–10 business days.
  • Voiceover Payment: The voiceover is done by independent VO artists and will be paid for by the client if not included in the package.

The aforementioned policy will apply to every project by Westcoast Animations.

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